1. to investigate, study or analyze: look into.
2. to travel over (new territory) for adventure or discovery.

Welcome! My name is James Bauslaugh and I am a top real estate agent in the area as well as a vacation rental investor. I am here to guide you as you explore real estate in the Fredericksburg Area, the Fawn Lake Community, and the Vacation Rental space. Let’s EXPLORE!

The Explore Real Estate Show

This channel exists to inform you of the local real estate market in the Fredericksburg Area, the Fawn Lake Community, and the Vacation Rental space. With 330+ sales in the last 8 years, I have gained great insight into this local market as a top agent in the area. I believe that everyone should grow their wealth while they live in or own a home that they love. I also believe that you should feel confident when buying/selling a home and confidence comes from being well educated and informed and that is what this show is all about. Enjoy the show!



As someone who has lived in the Fredericksburg Area for nearly 15 years and has sold over 330+ homes to local families I know what makes this area a great place to call home. Bonus, is that it’s located 50 miles between DC and Richmond and less than 2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains! Fredericksburg is surrounded by history and full of charm. Interested in making a move? Let’s take a look!

Fawn Lake


As a resident in Fawn Lake and a top Realtor in the area, I know how incredibly special this community is and what makes this one of the most desirable places to live in Virginia! My family and I would love to show you more about what the FAWN LAKE LIFE is all about. Let’s take a look!

Vacation Rentals


As a fellow explorer I have enjoyed both experiencing and owning vacation rentals. Trips to the beach with the family or following the call into the mountains for some year round fun and everything in between is enough to make any explorer happy! Whether you want to enjoy a trip with your friends and family or look into owning a rental your self…I’m here to be your guide! EXPLORE on!


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